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How to buy a Sphynx kitten properly


What you should know when you buy a Sphynx kitten or Questions you should ask the kitten's Seller


If you decide to buy a Sphynx kitten, you have to consider some issues before the purchase. In this article you can find recommendations on how to buy a Sphynx kitten.
First of all, you should determine from whom you want to buy a pet. There two types of sellers: breeders and amateurs. Let's look at their similarities and differences. The only similarity is that both are selling Sphynx kittens. So, what's the difference? The breeder does the breeding work. Amateurs buy kittens for themselves. Often it is a thoroughbred pet that should be neutered/spayed. But one day the amateur decides to please himself with kittens. He is looking for a mate for his cat and the main criteria for a mate is its low cost, without thinking about breeding and genetic features. When the kittens are born they are sold without any documents and often at the wrong age, just when a customer wants to take a kitten to his home. The price for such pets is minimal. But the standard of the pet is also low. The seller covers all his costs for his cat with new kittens. The buyer becomes the owner of a "thoroughbred" Sphynx kitten. If you prefer to buy a Sphynx kitten from an amateur, then this website is not for you.
Let's imagine that you are going to buy a Sphynx kitten from a breeder in a cattery. In this case you also have to know some information in order to distinguish an amateur from a breeder.
First: a breeder must have a certificate from taking feline courses 
Second: a cattery also must have a certificate with a registration number
Third: every cat in the cattery should get permission to be used in the cattery. Cats' owners have to take them to exhibitions and receive estimates from experts
Fourth: all kittens should be registered in a cat club to which a cattery belongs. This club after estimation will give kittens' documents, in particular, a metric with can be changed to a pedigree
Fifth: you should choose a single-breed cattery. Sphynxes are different from other cat breeds and they need special care. If there are other breeds in the cattery, then probably Sphynxes don't get enough attention from the owner
Sixth: a real cattery has its own website. Catteries who take their job seriously, where cats are kept suitably, always have a website besides posting ads in social networks and free classifieds websites
Seventh: considering that kitten reservation takes place more often via Internet, you should ask the breeder to send you more additional photos and videos, in order to make sure that kittens are not kept in cages. Also, the background of pictures or videos can tell you about conditions in the cattery.
So, the main points that you should take into account are:
- breeders' feline courses certificate
- catteries' registration certificate 
- title certificates of cats
- single-breed status of cattery
- kittens' documents ( metric/ pedigree, veterinary passport)
We wish you a successful purchase!

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